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Do Not Be Deceived: Paul-Bashers Are NOT Christians!

This forum is a place where I can vent about all of the idiots who claim to be Christian Israel Identity, and then go off making up crazy hare-brained doctrines, while at the same time they lambast or excoriate others who don't sign on to their idiotic ideas. If you have ever sent me an email promoting some such idiotic idea and have scoffed at or shunned scholarly examination and discourse on the matter, you may well end up here too!

Do Not Be Deceived: Paul-Bashers Are NOT Christians!

Postby wmfinck » Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:23 pm

This is an email letter that I, William Finck, wrote on July 30th, 2009, to "Athena", and Ephraim-Scepter heretic of the Charles * Scott Vaught School of Bufoonery. I wrote this in response to her having slandered me as being a liar and a jew, among other things. Her and her fellow-travelers have been doing so since at least 2005.She is passing this email around as if I should be ashamed of having written it. I am not ONE BIT ashamed of it. In fact, I am posting it here because it is what I believe to be the absolute truth!

From: William Finck []
To: 'MichiMac'; ''
Cc: 'Don Brown'; 'Clifton A. Emahiser'; 'Arlene Johnson'; 'Eli James'; 'Judy'
Subject: RE: Judah Info

There you go, you are still nothing but a blasphemer, a slanderer, and a stinking whore, and you prove it every time you open your mouth. And you’re surely a turk, since there haven’t been any real Macedonians since the 1300’s. And if you think you’ve struck a raw nerve with me, you are again thinking way too highly of yourself. I know you are just a dumb-ass whore and I am not writing a word of this for your benefit, because no matter how civil or uncivil I could be, you or your sister just aren’t going to get it.

All of you Paul-bashers are but scum on the bathwater of the jews. It is the jews who hate Paul, and you are their followers. My papers show that all of the Paul-bashers, from WG Finlay to Clay Douglas to Henry Graber to Jeffers to YOU, are all followers of the jews and of sexual deviants like John Spong and Joachim Prince – the jew rabbi that WG Finlay admitted getting all of his Paul-bashing material from.

You accuse me of being a jew only to cover your own stinking ass – you are the jew, and your countenance proves it. You accuse Paul of being a turk – and you are the true turk! Most White Greeks were exterminated by miscegenation 700 years ago – and you are not one of the remnant. You don’t have the email from me that you claim to have, and you are a whore and a liar. And any moron can dummy up an email anyway, at least well enough to convince another moron.

You think you are learned? You are an idiot. You and Judi Nipps, and all the rest of the Paul-bashers. If it weren’t for Paul of Tarsus, your stinking ass would have never even HEARD of Christianity, you blasphemous whore. The case isn’t closed. You’re too stupid to realize that it hasn’t even been heard yet. My offer still stands. I will lay aside my hostile attitude long enough to engage any one of you Paul-bashing clowns in a civil debate. Put up, or shut up. This is your chance to prove what you claim – that you know more than I about scripture, and that you are right about Paul. It could be you, or Russ, or Nipps, or Vaught, or whoever else you may elect, I don’t care. You all think you know something, you are all a bunch of morons because you all follow Satan – the jews.

All Paul-bashers are in the same company with the faggot-loving John Spong, the jew Joachim Prince, and the jew-lovers Taylor Caldwell and George Bernard Shaw. How does it feel to be in the company of every jew since the murder of the Christ? That is where you are, because the jews are the world’s first Paul-bashers; they are your brothers, and you are their whore.

William Finck
If a jew is moving his lips, he's lying. If you see a rabbi, there has already been a crime!
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