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About Christian Idiotentity

PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:38 am
by wmfinck
Okay, this is where I think I will do a lot of my ranting from now on, when I get the time to do so. I just need a place to blow some steam now and then. Since I got home from the gulag back in December (of 2008), at least half a dozen people who had long read my essays as they were published by Clifton Emahiser, or who had otherwise heard of me, now don't even bother with me at all (not that I am really anything special, but I guess when you write and run your trap a lot, word starts to get around). Why do they no longer talk to me? Well, because I won't subscribe to their nut-job ideas, that's why!

Not everything which is contrary to established academia is good. In other words, just because academia may proclaim that the refrigerator light really does go out when you close the door, doesn't automatically mean that they are wrong, and that you should write a conspiracy book trying to prove otherwise because academics are wrong about "everything". Mainstream academia is wrong about a lot of things, and mostly for the sake "political correctness", but that certainly doesn't mean that they are wrong about everything, or that we have to believe every paranoid moron who sees conspiracies in everything he looks at!

So here I am going to spout off at every idiotic idea that men have come up with in the name of Christian Identity, or Traditional Christianity (as opposed to judeo-christianity), simply because they want to make themselves out to be the unsung prophets of one great hidden "truth" or another. And I am not going to be afraid to name names. In fact, I am willing to face anyone whom I mention here, either on Internet Radio, or in person, even in a back alley somewhere, and settle these disputes with a good old-fashioned debate of one sort or another.

Before I start I want to say this. It takes a lot of patience to address utter stupidity in a scholarly manner. And even though he is often criticized for doing so, I must say this: Thank Yahweh for Clifton Emahiser! Because Clifton has addressed the heart of many of the matters that will be discussed here, and he has done so quite thoroughly with many of them. Yet many men won't even stop to consider what Clifton has told them! Like negroes in a concrete jungle, they only beat their chests and try to yell louder, as if the argument should be won only by the most aggressive gorilla. Yes, that is how negroes do it, and that is how it is done in the jungle. Many Idiotentity adherents follow after them.

I am certain that those who know me well can attest, that when I got on the internet this year, and began to commune with my fellow Identists, I had no real care or concern for popularity. I still don't. I only live to get the Word out, and to chastise Satan (yes there is a Satan, and he wears Armani suits - or maybe Bill Blass). So if you are an advocate of the noon-to-noon day, or the Ephraim-Scepter heresy, or the No-Satan trash, or if you are a supporter of the negro-loving Pete Peters, telegony, the 6th&8th-day creation crap, or the arab-loving Dave Barley, don't be surprised if you are made an object of scorn here. And I don't care what you say about me on your board. You're probably too damned dumb to set one up for yourself anyway.

William Finck

Re: About Christian Idiotentity

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:18 am
by wmfinck
I read something in the new posts a few minutes ago, and it made me go looking for something else. In the meantime, I found this post, which I had long forgotten about, and thought to give it a bump.

There are certain errors that were embraced by early Identity Christians, which just never seem to go away. While many of the teachers of the past were decent men who meant well, we have to recognize that they were human, capable of error, and move past the mistakes they made.