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The Banning of Joe Pennsylvania

This forum is a place where I can vent about all of the idiots who claim to be Christian Israel Identity, and then go off making up crazy hare-brained doctrines, while at the same time they lambast or excoriate others who don't sign on to their idiotic ideas. If you have ever sent me an email promoting some such idiotic idea and have scoffed at or shunned scholarly examination and discourse on the matter, you may well end up here too!

The Banning of Joe Pennsylvania

Postby JoePennsylvania » Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:33 pm

I wanted to write and voice my opinion about the matter of you banning me from particiption in the Monday night Open Forum.
I believe it was totally unwarrented but i understand that because Christogenea is your creation that you can ultimatly make up the rules of how it should be operated and who you allow to particapate.
One arguement i make on my behalf is that the Monday show is an "OPEN FORUM" It is my belief that in an open forum any topic should be allowable to discuss and debate reguardless of the general opinions held by other members that participate.
In refering back to the events of the october 17 broadcast the topic that precipricated my banning was that conserning the usefulness of voting and if it really is a means that we have to remove ourselves from a tyranical goverment's clutches. Eventually that topic became interwoven with biblical concepts conserning voting.
I have no problem with a topic evolving in a altered or new direction or even having the other memebers voice their opions and beliefs on the topic reguardless if they agree with mine or not.
What bothers me however is that the ultimate decision to ban me from participation was based on my limited knowledge on some scriptual facts, however elementary others may feel they are and the unfair assessment that i am scripture denier.
In respect to the second point i feel i was cut off before i could complete stating my thoughts and was suddenly demonized by you and others.
I never declared that i was enpowered with the gift of teaching scripture but in spite of that i still have reached the belief of the basics of DSCI. I believe that Eve was beguiled by a fallen angel and cain was the offspring of that union and the Jews today are of that bloodline. I also believe that the White people of Europe,America canada are the decendants of JACOB israel, but that not EVERY WHITE is of that LINAGE but all whites are of Adams linage.
On this fact i feel MOST everyone agrees that claims to be of DSCI however it is with other things that other CI believes tend to disagree and debate and not agree with, IE Ephriam Septer,Sabbaths, etc etc.
And i have also learned over my walk to understanding that what i always have read in the bible may have been altered in some way by some nofarious people to change the meanings of scritpure or the idea's or concepts being taught.So now i always have that thought in my mind as if im understading what YAHWEH wanted me to understand or what some evil man is trying to get me to believe?
i DONT DENY YAHWEH or HIS WORD BUT im not a scholar and have to work in my limited understanding. But im not a fool to deny YAHWEH'S EXISTANCE or HIS POWER or his WORD regardless of my UNDERSTANDING of it.
The straw that seemed to break your back so to speak was when i made the comment to the effect that ' JESUS NEVER QUOTED PERSONALLY TO ME THAT I SHOULD GO INTO THE WORLD etc etc
For this you decided to block be from the chat declaring that i was a scripture denier.
Much of my point for saying this was reguarding the topic of VOTING and not telling my lost sheep brothers and sisters the truth of who CAINS DECENDANTS ARE and who the lost sheep are. I dont deny or do i advocate the stopping of this message from being preached and shouted from the mountaintops. But i believe too that scripture even says we all have different gifts..some to preach some to teach etc etc. So maybe also my thought or idea for my comment made was to the effect that MAYBE i PERSONALLY dont have that calling THOUGH others feel EVERYONE should have it. Again, this is a matter between yahweh and me in that regard.
But you decide that because i make this one statement that i DENY YAHWEH or THE DSCI message and that i am a jew and a troll.
There are other people that can just as easily feel that your beliefs discredit you and negate your total belief system. Is this fair of them? Is it fair of YOU?
I have always tried to participate in the Mon open forum shows to make it interesting and fun and insiteful for myself and others. I have friends there at the show that enjoy me and me them. There are others there that probably dislike me and i dont always care for some of their views that are shared but i understand its an open forum for all of us to say what we want to say.
It also Irked me to hear Victor say that he would ban me on site if he ever saw me at one of the shows. I didnt know it was the Victor Switzer show?? And when and why was he deligated so much authority? I find it more troubling the people that seek the power positions in any organization. I have the belief that the "SHEPHERD want to be's" enjoy TRYING to rule over the other sheep.
Lindstedt did make the point about censership and i agree with him on that concept. Who gets to judge what is allowable speech and what is not allowable?
Espeically in an OPEN FORUM SETTING? And he makes a good point about who is allowed to come into CI and almost immediatly assume roles as teachers and leaders. My contention has always been YAHWEH places his laws in His people's hearts and we dont like to be LORDed over by the other "common sheep".
I join teamspeak legitimately to listen to christogena if i so chose . And though my opinions may at times be at odds with yours or others i feel in the open forums i have as much right to participate as anyone else without being harrassed or banned.
Free speech sounds great as a concept but it seems like it isnt so FREE. It can ulimately cost one his life or at the very least a permenant ban to Hades.
joe pennsylvania

Re: The Banning of Joe Pennsylvania

Postby Unnamed » Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:03 pm

It also Irked me to hear Victor say that he would ban me on site if he ever saw me at one of the shows. I didnt know it was the Victor Switzer show?? And when and why was he deligated so much authority? I find it more troubling the people that seek the power positions in any organization. I have the belief that the "SHEPHERD want to be's" enjoy TRYING to rule over the other sheep.

I would have banned you the other night, but Bill beat me to it.

It's not the Victor Switzer Show, but I never asked for any power whatsoever. Bill Finck made me an admin both in the chat and on the board.

So no shepherd wanna be's here. The rest of your rather rambling and badly spelled post is Bill's territory.

Re: The Banning of Joe Pennsylvania

Postby wmfinck » Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:00 am

This is where you belong Joe. Stay here at least until you learn how to spell. THEN try reading the Bible.
If a jew is moving his lips, he's lying. If you see a rabbi, there has already been a crime!
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