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Brown Eyes Means One is NOT a Pure Israelite

This forum is a place where I can vent about all of the idiots who claim to be Christian Israel Identity, and then go off making up crazy hare-brained doctrines, while at the same time they lambast or excoriate others who don't sign on to their idiotic ideas. If you have ever sent me an email promoting some such idiotic idea and have scoffed at or shunned scholarly examination and discourse on the matter, you may well end up here too!

Re: Brown Eyes Means One is NOT a Pure Israelite

Postby JamesTheJust » Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:01 pm

Ps. JamesTheJust you did exactly what Bill did, you start off saying DNA is an “infant science” and not to be trusted but then hilariously claim a few sentences later that DNA proves 100% that Brown eyed Europeans are again 100% Northern European, not 98% or 99% but 100%! I mean this is hilarious James. By the way, DNA and Genetics is as old as the BIBLE not an infant science. Any farmer today or 5000 years ago knows all about DNA and genetics. It’s not hard James and is actually the most basic fundamentals of life. Only when the Jew gets involved with his deceptions and lies will a subject matter become confusing or hard to understand.
Nonsense. You can submit any DNA swab sample to any genetics lab and they can tell the point of origin(S) of a particular person. In my case, it is Northern Europe as is the rest of my family (unless my mother was unfaithful, which I highly doubt.) The point being that genetic markers can be used to pinpoint a person's geographic origin and that is all I am saying.

You take it many steps further, believing a jew and dictating who is a true Israelite/Adamite and who isn't. Only YHWH knows these things. You make leaps where none exists and then DARE to exclude others of our kin simply because you WANT to believe what you believe without ANY scriptural evidence to support your claim.

Further, you suppose the NATIONS for which we are to be a blessing are non-Adamic when nothing could be further from truth. The NATIONS for which we are to be a blessing are Adamic nations and none other. You first place yourself in the position as YAH's judge as to who the elect are. Then you go further in a Universalist bent assuming that the NATIONS referred to in scripture include beasts and vipers, when we are not to even have pacts with them. In a word, we are to be COMPLETELY separate from them; which makes it impossible to either be a blessing or a bain to them.

We do not need joos making trouble for us and turning our kinspeoples' hearts into despair when we have people, such as you, taking a joo at ITS word and passing it off as truth.

You also have no way of knowing whether all Adamic peoples have blond hair either since such a stance contradicts scripture.

You are also being deceptive and side stepping in a way that should make any Adamite blush, by stating that genetics is not an infant science, when CLEARLY in the manner which you originally tried to bend this story, it is; animal husbandry not withstanding!
Ye chosen seed of Israel's race, ye ransomed from the fall, hail him who saves you by his grace, and crown him Lord of all. Hail him who saves you by his grace, and crown him Lord of all.
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Re: Brown Eyes Means One is NOT a Pure Israelite

Postby AlexelA » Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:14 pm

“All blue-eyed subjects had the mutation, and there was very little variation on the genes neighboring it on the chromosome, indicating that the mutation first arose relatively recently.[The only blue-eyed Whites who have mutations are those mixed with jews! - WRF]”

Bill, where does the author ever imply blue eyes originated with nasty Jews? Why did you suddenly make this inaccurate claim?

First off, here's why you believe that Bill contradicted himself and made a false claim: you misunderstood him. Not surprising at this fail to understand something, then build a false belief around your misunderstanding, and then you make accusations (does anyone else see this pattern?). It's clear that Bill was reacting to the article's reference to blue-eyed whites as 'mutants'. His response was sardonic, but to take the wit out of it and make it clearer for you: blue-eyed whites are not mutants, unless they are mixed with jews. Now on to your other misunderstandings and false accusations.

You say that a farmer 5,000 years ago would have known "all about DNA and genetics". At first I thought you meant to say "I know as much about DNA and genetics as a farmer 5,000 years ago" but then I remembered that you think you know everything already. For one thing, I doubt a farmer back then would have known the difference between recessive and dominant traits, and apparently you don't either, so I'll try to relate what I remember about this from high school. I will use blue eyes as an example of a recessive trait (but keep in mind there may be other genes affecting the exact shade), with 'r' representing the recessive gene and 'R' as the dominant gene. The recessive trait ('rr') does not appear in a child unless he has received one 'r' from his dad and one from his mom. So, one or both of his parents may have blue eyes ('rr'), or one or both may have non-blue eyes while carrying the recessive gene ('Rr'). If both parents have blue eyes ('rr'), the child has a 100% chance of having blue eyes. If both parents have non-blue eyes, but carry the recessive gene ('Rr'), the child has a 25% chance of having blue eyes. He would also have a 25% chance of having non-blue eyes with a 0% chance of having blue-eyed children ('RR'), although his grandchildren could have blue eyes.

Do you know what that means? It means that Noah could have had BROWN eyes! In fact, his wife and children could all have had brown eyes, and they would still be able to produce blue-eyed descendants! Maybe they all had brown hair as well! We just don't know, and you think you know because you don't know you don't know, you know?

Science may complicate things at times, and it will sometimes crush our IGNORANT notions, but you don't have to butt heads with it. Believe it or not, science itself is not jewish magic. But apparently it is not your friend, because it doesn't fit in with your own inventions. And what was that about "stretching the truth for personal reasons"?

Who knows, maybe you are a blond-haired blue-eyed tare, with a genetic predisposition to oppose God's children. I would not assume such a thing; I'm not the Judge.
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Re: Brown Eyes Means One is NOT a Pure Israelite

Postby Gallowglass » Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:17 am

Any family with Brown, Green or Hazel eyes must have mixed with Tares at some point to even get the Brown eye gene in their seedline.

My mother has green eyes and my brother too,they're pure white as I am.Please go die in hellfire,that's the best you can ever do.You should be banned from this forum,I wonder what the mods are doing here...
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Re: Brown Eyes Means One is NOT a Pure Israelite

Postby matthewott » Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:50 pm

I wonder what the mods are doing here...

Trying to be objective and giving us something to chew on! At least he's not *facepalming* anyone! ;)
For the Word of Yahweh is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Heb. 4:12
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Re: Brown Eyes Means One is NOT a Pure Israelite

Postby whiteceramicbowl » Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:45 pm

You're a troll, green eyes are rarer than blue eyes, so how can there be tare admixture?
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Re: Brown Eyes Means One is NOT a Pure Israelite

Postby wmfinck » Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:14 pm

TheAryanPath wrote:“All blue-eyed subjects had the mutation, and there was very little variation on the genes neighboring it on the chromosome, indicating that the mutation first arose relatively recently.[The only blue-eyed Whites who have mutations are those mixed with jews! - WRF]

Bill, where does the author ever imply blue eyes originated with nasty Jews? Why did you suddenly make this inaccurate claim?

I am NOT going to address the rest of your reply to me. All I will address is this one part quoted above. The way you answered me here, exhibits to me that you do NOT know how to read and comprehend, because I NEVER said that "blue eyes originated with nasty Jews".

Go back to square one, learn how to read, rewrite your reply without the lies, and maybe then I will find you worthy of further attention. Until then, you are obviously a liar, having put words into my mouth which I would never say.

There are other lies in your post, especially the use of the second person pronoun in addressing me, but discussing things that others had done here. Fix those lies too.
If a jew is moving his lips, he's lying. If you see a rabbi, there has already been a crime!
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Re: Brown Eyes Means One is NOT a Pure Israelite

Postby icelander93 » Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:19 pm

So acording to this there are no pure adamites LOl what a load of horse crap. All these idiots stuck in the Nordicist fantasy world really need a life :lol: :lol: :lol:
Tolerance and Apathy are the last virtues of a dying society
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Re: Brown Eyes Means One is NOT a Pure Israelite

Postby Vandal » Sun Sep 19, 2010 6:40 am

This is directed to the poster, TheAryanPath,

I could start a new thread that says "Skin any darker than china white means one is part mud."

And it would have about as much scholarship as the brown eyes claim. I have seen some whites who are really ruddy, not just in the face, but even on their shoulders and arms. So is anyone less ruddy a mongrel? I have seen some who blush crimson at the slightest embarrassment, and some less so. When I was young, I blushed readily and was easily embarrassed. Now I have to be pretty ticked off to turn red. Am I less white than the next guy or gal?

I have a difficult time tolerating those of other races. Yet I have to work with them almost every day. I even have to pretend to be professional and friendly with them. And it makes my blood boil. And then you class some brown-eyed beauty I might fall in love with--to class her in with the mongrels and I have to take a few deep breaths just to get my head straight and stop frowning. I've looked into some brown eyes and seen the light in them, and seen blue eyes cold as stone. But for you to condemn some brunette I might meet someday, while saying we are to bless and benefit the negro, has my face feeling warm and red. The jewish fable has leeched its hypocrisy into your posts.

I have PLATINUM BLONDE hair, blue eyes, and a red beard with flashes of white and blonde in it. I have china white skin and I sunburn easily. I have freckles on my arms and I am hirsute. Notice most muds have very little body hair aside from a beard, yet some white men are very smooth skinned and some have the vanilla gorilla thing going on. Which one is pure? The genetics of eye and hair color and skin tone (not color, tone) are of little event, unless you're talking nappy kinky hair. Yet the genetics of what's under the skin--and in the skull--that's where the big differences are. Hitler had raven hair, did he not? He sacrificed his life for his white race, and even predicted in his writing that he expected to die fighting the Jew.

You will know men by their fruits. "And for a corn of wheat to bear fruit, it must die and fall to the ground."

I think Hitler lived both of these statements. Brown-eyed, raven-haired Hitler died for his love of the white race. He is hated by the Jew almost as much as they hate Yashua. "If the world hates you....rejoice, for great is your reward....."

Still think Hitler was a mongrel serpent seed?

Some geneticists do say there is more genetic variation within the caucasian race than between one dark race compared with another dark race. Food for thought, isn't it?

Now that I'm older and my complexion is more rough, I don't blush as brightly as I did when I was sixteen. I have to be really mad for the blood to show through my beard-covered face. I've been so humiliated so many times in my life I hardly ever hang around to get embarrassed over anything.

But I was embarrassed by your thread :oops:

We will know "them" by their fruits. If they speak according to the law and the prophets, and obey Christ, we can see if they are sheep. If they lead you to race-mix and love queers and take drugs and break up your family and support sacrifices to molech, well, we see their fruit is death, and they probably are tares in seed and deed.

I am guilty of being too hard on myself, which leads to me being too hard on other people. So I can recognize when someone else does it. Your post on brown eyes is being too hard on our entire race. I'll conjecture you have a lot of anxious and frustrating moments trying to sort fact from fiction and truth from error. But cursing half your race is not going to alleviate stress! Knocking half the white race down is not going to elevate you.

This place is a good sounding board, but when something is not established as truth, and exigetically vetted, it is better to send it privately to a friend to look it over before you post it publicly and make a fool of yourself. :oops: I know. I have a lot of speculations but I try to remember to say, "These are speculations" or "these are conjectures." I'm not a scholar. I'm a generalist. I find too many things interesting and thought-provoking to become a great expert in one thing. So I carry a rubber foot in my pocket so I don't pull a hamstring.

The brown-eyed theory is conjecture of the wildest sort. Don't die on hills like this. :D Especially don't go up against Bill Finck when you are bringing such wild speculation to a man who reads biblical greek. You'll just look :roll: silly.

Sometimes I too get my mouth in gear before I've thought a matter through. I am not perfect and don't expect perfection from anyone else.

If someone is part bagel eater bigger things than eye color will reveal it. But to falsely accuse is a serious thing.

And lighten up. (pun intended.)

Anti-Racism is a Codeword for Anti-White
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Re: Brown Eyes Means One is NOT a Pure Israelite

Postby TheAryanPathtoHELL » Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:35 pm

Most of what people have said about my post is wrong and is actually kind of funny to see how people take my words out of context. Furthermore, a personal opinion does not make one a Liar and anyone who says so is truly the Liar/Deceiver themselves. In my Aryan family we were taught (unlike Jews) that "sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt us". As such, calling me names (like Jews do) means nothing to me and quite frankly makes me sniff around to see just what is behind all this name calling.

100% Adamic Purity is going to be as rare as the numbers of us in CI when compared to the numerical masses in Judeo-Christianity. Just as it will be rare to find a 100% pure African Negroid in America, so to will it be rare to find a 100% pure Adamite in America or Southern Europe. Northern European White nations have been the most protected from non-White immigration, while Southern Europe and America have been a mixture of races for quite some time now. Can a few people on this forum even admit that just 1 drop of Mestizo, modern Spanish or modern Italian blood most likely means one is NOT pure Adamite? Just a guess, but I would say this blood mixture occurs in at least 25-50% of those who call themselves White in America today. Many people we call white and who think they are white, still have mixture in them.

It is also slightly funny but actually more disturbing when people put Bill up on a pedestal as to telling them exactly what the Bible says and means. Only Bill can decide what is what? Any deviation from Bill's "word" is somehow wrong, satanic, jewish etc.. Come on guys, get real. Bill is a great speaker but all of us should still think for ourselves and not just repeat after Bill, unless he gives you a cookie or cracker for doing so (eg. sit doggy sit, Polly want a cracker, Jimmy boy gets an A+ for repeating exactly what the teacher said).

Then to have people claim that I am judging everyone? No, I am simply stating what I believe a 100% pure Adamite to be, just as others state what they believe.

@ AlexlA since when do I say I know everything? Ironically, it sure sounds like you think you know everything. With that said, let me correct you on two things regarding my thoughts. 1.) If God made his new creation Adam/Eve with Blue eyes, as I believe, then the only way Brown eyes can come about in Adamites is by fornication with TARES, unless you think God did not make genetically "pure" Blue Eyes with Adam/Eve or you think God made other Whites with Brown eyes for some reason. Sure seems like Blue eyes, in the beginning, would be an easy way for God's "new" creation to identify their "like kind" since this was very important to God. If racial purity was so important to God why would he confuse his new Adamic creation by giving some of them Brown eyes and others Blue eyes? The opposite intention of God makes much more sense.... God created NEW Blue Eyed Adam to help preserve purity and prevent mixture with all the other Brown eyed creatures he had already created. You an I can debate whether Adam/Eve were blue eyed but that is about it because basic heritability laws dictate eye color when mixtures are present. If Noah was of PURE Adamic seed, as I believe, then he would have ZERO brown eyed Tares genes present since he was of PURE seedline from blue-eyed Adam/Eve. 2.) If you think Farmers back then and now dont know the difference between dominate and recessive genes/traits then you dont understand the basics of their livelihood. Genetics has been far more important in the past then it is today and always important to anyone raising animals or plants. I guess people, long ago, did not purposely breed dogs from wolves? Maybe it was just an accident since they did not really know what they were doing? LOL. I think not.

@ Vandal. Correction, Hitler had BLUE eyes. Regardless, a Brown eyed or Blue eyed can still fight the Jew with me right by his side. Serpent seed does not include all Brown eyes or Tares. Where do you get this stuff? Then you somehow imply that I dislike or elevate myself above others? This is only in your imagination since it sounds like you already elevate yourself above others around you (hypocrisy in action). Facts being told, most CI's believe that 99% of fellow Judaic Whites are breaking Gods laws and will be burned as TARES, yet you somehow condemn me for discussing racial purity laws that may also impact a high percentage of Whites? Hypocrisy? Yet again. Now dont you feel "silly" Vandal? In the end, God's laws (racial or behavioral) do not care about your personal emotional feelings such as embarrassment, anger, hurt, jealousy etc...

Re: Brown Eyes Means One is NOT a Pure Israelite

Postby JamesTheJust » Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:15 pm


I am going to treat you as a brother; though you are wrong-headed IMO. It appears that all of us are wrong as to the color of eyes that an Israelite has:

Genesis chapter 49 clearly states that the Israelites are to have eyes; red with (as) wine.

12 His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk.

Since this is scriptural, it settles the matter.

Apparently, they also have a nice tan and black hair as the Song of Solomon attests:

His head is purest gold; his hair is wavy and black as a raven.

Sorry but this pretty much destroys your "blond hair" theory.

We should all be on the lookout for people with black wavy hair and red eyes. They are the Elect.

Now, all joking aside, you really need to get a grip because your opinion can have a negative impact on our kinspeople. I hope I do not need to remind you SCRIPTURALLY how terribly upset YHWH would be with you for destroying the faith of His children or causing them harm by your OPINION.

The one thing we know for certain is that Adamic man has the ability to blush or show blood in the face; which excludes all but those of the White race.

If knowing an Adamite were as simple as looking into their eyes, lengthy genealogical records would not have been necessary.

Finally, we should follow the words of Yahshua, who afterall was YHWH made flesh:

Matthew 7

15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

16Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

17Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

18A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

19Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

20Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

While Yahshua was speaking about false prophets, His words were addressed to Israelites; meaning that this measure, which He established, can be used to weed out all those who are not true; literal children of YHWH.

Having The Laws of YHWH written (encoded) into our hearts, brings forth the good fruit.

We are to speak where YHWH speaks and remain silent where He is silent!
Ye chosen seed of Israel's race, ye ransomed from the fall, hail him who saves you by his grace, and crown him Lord of all. Hail him who saves you by his grace, and crown him Lord of all.
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