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Arlene Johnson: Abortion-Rights Advocate, And More!!!

PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 12:50 pm
by wmfinck
This is to notify all of the people who listen to any of the Internet Radio Programs which I have participated in where Arlene Johnson has engaged in the forum discussions along with the other listeners, that Arlene’s presence there is not any indication at all that I can endorse her website or any of her work.

In fact, I have found that Arlene Johnson’s website embraces or endorses many ideas which are absolutely antipathetical to everything which I stand for, and certainly to the Word of God Himself.

Arlene, how are you not an advocate of the murder of innocent children? I found this today (September 17th, 2009, 12:00 PM EDT) on your website, in a list of “Demands for the Government” at :

"Allow a woman to have a safe abortion if she so chooses; arrest and prosecute for attempted murder or first degree murder anyone who commits these crimes against medical personnel who work in abortion services"

For more of Arlene Johnson’s pro-abortion activism rhetoric, see, where she also cries out against the "War on Women" and "Replacing Science with Right-Wing Ideology". Arlene Johnson clearly aligns herself with Planned Parenthood and the Jewish plan to destroy White Society:

Arlene, abortion advocacy is MURDER!!! The blood of millions of White children is on your head!!!

Arlene Johnson aligns herself with Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Emma Lazarus, and every other marxist jewish feminist!
See for a look at Arlene Johnson's radical leftist-feminist political advocacy!

Arlene Johnson follows the ways of the jews, and not the ways of Christ! Why does she claim to be a Christian? Who is Arlene Johnson?

Here is some of the other Anti-White, Anti-Christian rhetoric found on the very pages of Arlene’s site referenced above:

• Grant $40,000 tax free to every African American whose ancestors were brought in chains to the colonies in the 1600s and later;
• Provide 12-18 month drug rehabilitation treatment to all who request it;
• Provide money for research into AIDS and determine if it is caused by HIV or something else;
• Allow parents or guardians of underprivileged children to attend elementary school;
• Fund for parenting skills in high school;
• Fund for quality day care using graduates in early childhood development majors;
• Teach school children about the various religions instead of insisting on school prayer;
• Teach children that all ethnicities want the same things regardless of skin color;
• Allow for soldiers who are qualified to assist teachers in the classrooms; have the military assist in natural disasters;
• Provide homes for the homeless with services for those who need them.

Arlene Johnson: Destroyer of Christendom and friend of every foul beast.

William Finck