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Organ Donor Memories

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Organ Donor Memories

Postby HeiligeSchriftLeser » Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:20 pm

I watched a video about this...about 7 years ago. Can't find the video, but the story is here {case 2] ... iss-1.html

HORRIFYING stuff,that particular case !!!! Despite the alledged "irony" !. Walking aorund with a nigger's heart....getting nigger's memories....a scientifically hands on created chained angel !!!!

Far as I am concerned,...stitch me up if I'm cut....any worse than that...That's my number up. God don't want me here any longer...Won't see me queuing up for "parts". ... -soul.html

But, again just goes to show how this world progresses away from God and more into occult Frankenstein territory !
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