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Postby Hunter » Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:29 pm

I pulled this comment off of a website forum unrelated to CI. It bears reading. This lady's personal account is very telling of the evermore poignant times we are entering into.

"Something I have not spoken about on the blog is that I have a Restraining Order in place against our former farm hand/ helper. The Order put in place by the judge requires that he not be within 2 miles of our farm or he is in violation of the Order.

As I sat in the courtroom waiting to be called to testify, I heard testimony after testimony of women asking for Restraining Orders against men they loved or cared deeply about. I kept hearing a sentence which I will summarize:

“My husband/ boyfriend became a monster after he was prescribed pain pills by his doctor. He became a different man after he started taking Oxycodone or Oxycontin. I don’t know this man anymore. He terrifies me! I’m not safe with him on these drugs.”

That was what happened in my situation. A lazy MD prescribed Oxycodone, and the man became a monster.

When the Restraining Order was put in place, the bailiff accompanied me to the woman who made it official. I don’t know her legal title. As we walked through the hall I asked the bailiff how many of the Restraining Orders were a result of these two prescription drugs. His response was chilling:

“All of them. Nearly all of them. All day long we hear about what these pain pills are doing to men and their families. They are ruining our families and our men.”

Our farmhand admitted himself voluntarily into a treatment center last week. He finally realized that his prescription pain pill addiction had cost him everything.

It is so ironic that Medicaid pays for these pills, while denying any help for alternative therapies. Then the men become monsters and we pay to lock them up.

When you hear Restraining Order, think Oxycodone or Oxycontin.

Obamacare will pay for these drugs, then as they act out, take away their freedoms either by jailing them or denying them their Second Amendment Rights.

As Baby Boomers age and our bodies become more riddled with pain, I am expecting more violence and family destruction due to these terrible drugs.

If you or a loved one are prescribed these pain pills, I urge you to do all in your power to get off or get them off of them NOW! It took less than a year to totally alter his personality. He became a dangerous man.

When he is out of treatment I will not be altering my Restraining Order. The addictive power of these pills is simply too strong. Hearing woman after woman testify was one of the most chilling experiences of my life."
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