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Ernst Zundel and 60 Minutes

Hey, the whole world hears about it every day, why shouldn't we?

Ernst Zundel and 60 Minutes

Postby Les » Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:01 am

Part 1 Ernst Zundel's Reply to 60 Minutes xvid.avi
399 mb
37:47 minutes

I thought I had the unedited footage of the 60 Minutes interview, but this was Ernst (in his Toronto home studio I guess), explaining what happened,and the way the program lied about him, and edited his words.

Maybe I watched it (raw footage)at his house,or am thinking of another interview.
Still, this is fascinating. Plus, you get to see this fighter for freedom when he was in great health; not like now, where he has spent years rotting away in a German prison for questioning the numbers of the "jewish holocaust",and is close to death.
It took crooked, deceptive ways, for the US,Canadian governments, and the enemies of freedom to co-operate and not only have this peaceful, innocent man ejected from the US, then sit in a Canadian prison for a LONG time while they decided if he should be "allowed" back into Canada, where he lived most of his life, before being deported to Germany where he was charged and found "guilty" .

Part 2 EZ - 60min (15minutes) XviD.avi
The original broadcast

File size: 198.88 MB
14:41 minutes

Expect more important truthful videos soon here from me :)
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Re: Ernst Zundel and 60 Minutes

Postby wmfinck » Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:08 pm

Les, you did have the original footage. You uploaded it to my server 6 years ago, LOL, and until now I never did anything with it.

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