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Jews Whine: Stop Calling Holocaust "White Genocide"

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 6:47 am
by EzraLB
Looks like the hyper-liberalism promoted by the jews has been taken to its logical conclusion by Social Justice Warriors who are dismissing or minimizing the so-called "Holocaust" because it is an example of "White privilege." ... e-genocide

"Fake progressives use days like Yom HaShoah as proof that if you want attention for your group’s tragedy, it sure helps to be white. Seeing Jews as white in America today gives them ammunition to minimize the Holocaust."

Apparently, the extreme Left and Right have one thing in common:

"But as Jews are all too aware, the Left and the Right meet at Jew-Hate Junction, and anti-Semitism as the socialism of fools is all too prevalent."

Of course, this "misunderstanding" is caused by the jews themselves who want to be identified as "White" when convenient but at the same time deny being "White" when it comes to being "victims" of "White supremacy":

"Understanding that white people are not subject to any sort of institutionalized discrimination because of their whiteness is an important thing to remember and to challenge— that also goes for us Jews who are white or white-passing in varying degrees. However, that doesn’t somehow mean that it’s a privilege to have experienced a genocide."