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Fake Footage of Brussels airport attack used by CNN

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Fake Footage of Brussels airport attack used by CNN

Postby wmfinck » Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:38 pm

CNN used footage which was supposed to be from CCTV filmed during the Brussels airport attack. But it turned out that the footage was from an attack at the Moscow airport in 2011. So this First Draft organization evidently exposes the fact that CNN used fake footage. But it is all being blamed on an online magazine in Portugal.

Here, the New York Daily News runs what I believe is a cover story, to let CNN off the hook, and to blame the fake footage on someone who will probably never be held accountable:

That is my opinion about what is happening, anyway. The New York Daily News article says, in part:

One source of the sham footage appears to be an iffy Twitter account belonging to a Lisbon, Portugal based online magazine with the handle @Onlinemagazin, which scrapes and posts dubious breaking news media from around the world.

Major news organizations like CNN used the online magazine as a source for accurate videos of the Brussels attacks.

David Clinch, the Global News Editor for Storyful, which is part of the FirstDraft coalition that works to debunk bad media, said that the circulation of false videos and photos following major news events is common and can quickly escalate if picked up by local news organizations.

I think this is all a cover story, to let CNN look like a victim in all this, and the worst they can be accused of is poor judgment in their source selection.

It smells...
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