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Germany Gets Its 1st Black Members of Parliament

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Re: Germany Gets Its 1st Black Members of Parliament

Postby Staropramen » Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:18 pm

I believe that all attempts by godless Whites to throw off the jewish shackles will fail. The only way that Whites will fix the jewish problem before Christ returns is by turning to Christ in repentance. So-called "white nationalism" is jewish. Christians are told to "come out of her". While it's important to preach to all White people we must not get tangled up in the machinery of "white nationalism" to the extent that we enable it's continued existence as a godless, jewish distraction for the hedonistic element that only wants freedom from the jew so they can turn around and act like jews in so-called peace.

Let me remind you of the words of Don Negro, clown in chief of jewfront;

Let's clear this up now. This guy may be a divisive nut, but that's the nature of the religion forums. That's the reason I shut them down completely for two years in 2001, and that's the reason I now keep them hidden from guests.

He might even be a Jew, but he's never said that. Kludd's declaration isn't proof, any more than than this guy calling Kludd a Rabbi is proof (though I wouldn't think CI would take offense at the term, believing they are the true Israel).

He hasn't kept his identity a secret. He really is a practicing psychiatrist with an impressive academic resume, but he's not the only one I've known in our circles. So he's free to come back and refute my characterization of him, but I doubt he will, since his stated purpose in coming here was to post in CI.

And, yeah, I know. I've rebelled against the will of Yahveh. Or I've abandoned our European ancestral Gods. Or I've sold out to "Christ-insanity." Whatever your thing, keep it in the asylum.

Is there any justification by a true Christian to support a guy who writes "Yahveh, an obvious attempt to make God's name sound like the jewish "oi vey", who refers to Christians as "divisive nuts" and who calls a CI discussion forum an "asylum" and also mocked Pastor Downey?

I ask this question in all seriousness as I've had to confront one high-level SF member recently about this. What are your thoughts?
"If God is a Jew then the only thing left for us to do is commit suicide"
-Dr. Wesley A. Swift
Historical Recordings of interest to Christians;
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Re: Germany Gets Its 1st Black Members of Parliament

Postby Lang » Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:31 pm

If Hitler, who was a great man, with great habilities and a good Christian, although not a perfect one, failed to defeat the jew, a non-christian, liberal, nationalist movement will certanily fail.

As I say all the time on SF, WN has become an only-white form of marxism.

Just look at their threads and we can see how leftist their mindset is, and yet they think they are free and already know well the jew. Only about 2% of SF members are still good traditionalists, and if not CI, at least having a life as a CI would have.

We have some "pagan" folks there that actually are not pagan. If you ask them whats their religion, they say theyre pagan just to say they have a religion. But actually they are very good people and Christians at their hearts, but the "paganism is our ancestors religion" lie don't let them to know the truth.

I think that CI have the right mindset to a successful movement. But teaching CI is incredibly hard. Its "too extremist" for 85% of SF, so how can we teach it to regular people?

CI sometimes can be too complex, or too fantastic.

When I started getting into CI I found myself lost in the infinite amount of information. Today I'm still lost, I know only the basics, lol.

Times ago I suggested making a summary, or some kind of organization, at least at a beginner level. Some kind of order or organization to beginners follow.

What I'm trying to say is, it would be interesting if somehow we could popularize the basics of CI, maybe creating mantras like they do in WN. I have written in my stormfront "signature" a phrase suggesting the israelite truth in an interesting way, quoted from one of Christogenea articles. Untill this day only one guy asked me about it, and never replied after I answered him.

Don't take it as an offense. Im just expressing my frustration in teaching others about the truth. I'm sure we can develop some efficient method to do it, and maybe we should study about propaganda methods. I know that some fellow whites are not yet called to understand the message, but I can't stop telling people about it, LOL!

I have a WN friend that is considered "very extremist". But when I tell him about Yahweh's plans he rejects the message for being "too extremist", lol. Also, for some reason, even though he has a good knowledge about CI, he has a annoying insistence in trying to find occultist or supernatural theories and explanations to our struggle. Some people have this pagan paranoia. In the other day he suggested that maybe we were children of light descendants from Lucifer. He has such a rejection for Christ's message that he prefers to think of crazy theories coming from the devil, instead of God :roll:

In the day we popularize CI, we will defeat the jew. Untill there, we remain in struggle.
"Give a hammer to a white, and he will build civilization;
Give a hammer to an asian, and he will build other hammers;
Give a hammer to an arab, and he will kill his wife;
Give a hammer to a nigger, and he will kill whites;
Give a hammer to a jew, and he will sell it to niggers.

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