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Paul-Bashers are NOT welcome here.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:49 pm
by wmfinck
We can all fall into error and the traps of the deceivers. Myself included. There is no doubt. But Paul-bashing is not only plain wrong, it is a divisive and destructive jewish agenda. I have - I believe - proven that beyond doubt in my paper, "William Finck vs. The Paul-Bashers". I will debate anyone on the topic. In fact, to date I have challenged all of the Paul-bashers and none of them have been man enough to stand up. But I will NOT welcome them in this forum. Anyone who is a Paul-basher and who thinks about signing up here, Please go read the relevant threads in the Christian Idiotentity sections of this forum.

The primary purpose of this forum is for honest discourse and inquiry, and to help inform those who undertake as much openly and sincerely. I have not found as much among the Paul-bashers yet. They all have an agenda, usually tied to sexual deviancy, zionism, feminism, universalism, or some other perversion of the Truth.

I do not want to sound like a tyrant. However my position on the Paul-Bashers is not open to debate or discussion. I do not want them here, just as much as I do not want the jews, sexual deviants, or aliens. They are in the same category.

Thank you!