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The Christogenea Chat Server

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The Christogenea Chat Server

Postby wmfinck » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:31 pm

The Christogenea chat server was born in June 2010, has had plenty of ups and downs, and many people have come, and gone. Yet there remains a typically wonderful group of Christian Identity brothers and sisters who visit it regularly, only some of whom are active here in this forum. Most often people may be found there in the mid evening to early morning, eastern US time. While I myself am not there as much as I was before moving to Virginia last year, I am still there quite often.

The chat server uses Teamspeak software, and it is best used with an inexpensive headphone/microphone headset, although such a set is not absolutely necessary.
Click the link below to go the Teamspeak download website and download the Teamspeak client package suitable for your PC. It is free of charge. I also have Teamspeak installed and operating on an Android phone, and on an Asus Android tablet.

Once the software is installed, start the program, choose "Connections" from the menu, click on "Connect" and enter "" into the Address box. Choose a nickname and click the "Connect" button.

LEGALESE and other info: Please read the Policies page at

NOTICE: Christogenea is a troll-free zone. If you are caught trolling, we will ban your IP numbers from all of our servers.
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