Meet Dewey "Buddy" Tucker

It will take a few months for me to get this together, but I want to put it here now as a sort of announcement. This self-anointed Bible clown can criticize whosoever he chooses, however if you question him, look out! You are despising "Yahwah's Anointed", or rather, self-anointed, the hillbilly pope who claims to be absolute "truth from God", and the wrath of God will come upon you! So you will probably be trolled endlessly by his bimbo daughter, Rachael. Here we shall attempt to provide an honest presentation and examination of some of the claims of Dewey Tucker.

Meet Dewey "Buddy" Tucker

Postby wmfinck » Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:13 am

Now don't get me wrong, a good deal of what Buddy Tucker says is agreeable to Identity Christians. So between that and his down-home, genteel demeanor, many of them are sucked right into his aura. But there are a lot of little things which don't measure up to scripture, and a few big things. Yet how do you examine the man who was anointed by God Himself? This is an excerpt from his website: wrote:What the Father has revealed to me is very different than anything else I have ever seen or heard. In 1968 the Holy Spirit walked into my den where I and 2 other young men sat talking. They were as astonished at and as much aware of this presence as I was. Since that time, I have been shown things that I must preach and teach which caused me to have to stand alone. This journey has been a solo one, but that is the path YAHWAH has predestined for me. I know that my road is not like anyone else’s, but is the one necessary to bring me into conformity with the image of His Son.

Like all the Family, ELOHEEM, of YAHWAH, I have been “called”, “chosen”, and “predestinated” to be a channel through which His Kingdom government comes into earth from heaven. This is the purpose of the divine family ELOHEEM that left heaven and sojourns in the earth. We all come here through the racial doorway of “the Adam” of Genesis 2:7. It is this Adamic race that is different from all other races, and is the “Semites”, “Hebrews”, and “Israelites” of the Bible. It is known today as the “white western peoples.” My mission is one of teaching, preaching, and proclaiming the Truth that has been revealed to me. I hold none of man’s degrees or titles. I am not affiliated with any group or organization. I am simply a sower of seed.


For my part, I have learned long ago that there is no use talking to a self-anointed prophet. Once a man believes that everything he professes was somehow revealed to him by God Himself, and that therefore his professions are above those of all other men, he loses all humility and cannot be corrected regardless of what the Scriptures actually say.

Paul of Tarsus indeed had a visitation by Christ Himself, which is recorded in Acts chapter 9. However everything which Paul taught in his epistles was either quoted from Old Testament Scripture, or was admittedly his own opinion which his readers could accept or not. In these cases Paul did not insist upon being a final authority. Paul did not try to force anyone to drink the Kool-aid which Buddy Tucker is offering.

However because Buddy Tucker's baby bimbo, Rachael Tucker, has decided that she should troll me ceaselessly - for how dare I disagree with her "anointed" father - I will have to answer some of her father's heretical statements. Hopefully, Yahweh willing, I will be able to do that in September, and then I will edit this post to reflect my progress.

How exemplary of the daughters of the prophets! Rachael Tucker:
4. Rachael.jpg
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That was Rachel Tucker a few years ago, when she had the mind of an eight-year-old.
This is Rachael today, and while she is in the body of a fifty-year-old, her mind stopped progressing at 12:

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